Sandra Carter TMJ No More

Sandra Carter author of TMJ No More

Sandra Carter is a TMJ disorder sufferer herself, or I should say was. She got tired of taking all the prescrived medication and muscle relaxers that did not even work. Over the next 14 years she interviewed doctors, chiropactors, herbalist to name a few and let alone read nearly every book under the sun and tested the methods. She started to have success and one solution started to work for her. Her TMJ dissappeared and she was so happy as every other TMJ sufferer man or woman she could find over the next few months had the exact same result. TMJ dissapeared. We the enjoyment of helping people she has put together her simple step by step natural holistic solution (downloable ebook) for this common problem so others can benefit the same as her self and the many hundreds of people from around the world who have since benefited too.

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